There’s been a great meme going around lately which leads those tagged to share 10 of their favorite posts from the past. I’ve been tagged by Jeanne at A Writer’s Notes and Trinity at Rooms of My Heart, and it has been interesting going back through 7 months of posts.

It’s funny really… I had started a couple of niche blogs in January and then realized I needed to turn my static design site into a blog to take advantage of the inherent search engine friendliness of a blog vs. a static, rarely updated site. I just intended to put up some posts here and there, nothing too serious. I wasn’t going to put a lot of time into it. Well, things change.

1. In March, as I began to fully realize the power of WordPress, I realized I wanted to create a free WordPress theme. I got some great comments in the process, and made some friends like Cory and Brian who were a great help.

2. Then, in April, I was suddenly on the map thanks to the “I Follow Movement“. That whole thing did WONDERS for my site, and taught me the value of well-designed linkbait, and of…

3. Promoting your own content – this was key to getting the word out about the little You Comment/I Follow badges I created.

4. One of the bloggers I e-mailed was Alister Cameron which lead to me having the honor of guest posting on his site. Thus one of my favorite posts is not even on my site, but on his: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers.

5. In June, I participated in a writing contest that Char started, and was sponsored by Liz Strauss with the fun post 7 Ways that Blogging is Like Opera.

6. Another favorite from June is a post about one of the keys to success: learning to manage expectations.

7. Also in June, I offered a review of free website analytics options: The Ultimate Guide to Free Web Analytics.

7. By July, I was feeling the need to focus more on design topics and wrote 4 Reasons Your Blog Needs a Logo.

8. I also started taking a look at what inspires us as designers in posts like Design Inspiration: Early 20th Century Posters.

9. …and a look at 6 Outstanding Logo Sites.

10. And, finally, one of my favorites from this month has been Just Call Me Pollyanna, because it generated some great discussion.

Anyone else want to participate in this one? Do so, and leave a link in the comments so we can read your favorite posts!