treasure map

What can I say about the last couple of days? I’m amazed and really appreciate all the comments, links, diggs, stumbles and trackbacks that are continuing to come in. I’ve been trying to get around to all the blogs that have linked back here in the last couple of days, and I’ve discovered some new sites that just weren’t on my radar screen before.

This is truly an example of how promoting one’s own content can be key to drumming up some interest. I didn’t just throw the post and the page up and hope someone would discover it. I spent the next couple of hours going around to visit and leave a comment at every blog I could find that had done some sort of post on removing nofollow from their comments. The beauty of this was that not only did I have a good reason to leave a comment and contribute to their discussion, but every one of them has nofollow turned off, and all those comments should give me some good Google juice! I also e-mailed one of my favorite bloggers,the brilliant “blogologist” Alister Cameron, letting him know I had posted something he might be interested in. He put the badge above his comments section, and very generously linked it right back to my I Follow page! He actually sort of indirectly gave me the idea in the first place with his design of the Time Magazine Person of the Year Seal, and the subsequent traffic that generated for him.

This is a relatively new blog, so the impact of all this activity has been huge for me:

  • My technorati ranking has increased by over 40,000. I was hanging just above 100,000 and seeing steady improvement, but it was a huge jump in just a couple of days.
  • Alexa now shows a graph for my site, instead of just a big blank nothing.
  • My traffic jumped by over 200%. I don’t expect my numbers will stay up there, but I’m hopeful that some of those who visit will come back again and maybe even subscribe to my feed.
  • Speaking of… subscriptions to my feed have doubled. To my new subscribers, I hope you’ll stay on board and I promise to send no drivel into your feed reader- only quality content that will hopefully be interesting and helpful.

So, what can I say? Thank you, Grazie, Danke, Merci Beaucoup, and keep the “movement” going!