“Incredibly intellectually stimulating – my brain is swimming with action items and ideas and books to read. Flow: so much good stuff, never rushed, not reliant on Powerpoint.” Tom Krieger April 2014
“The amount of application activities makes the course shine. There was a good flow, opposed to just being taught. Games drive home the points, creating the AHaas.” Jacob Knight, April 2014
“New Product Owners should definitely take this class to learn what they need to think and do to be successful in their new role, and why their role is so important and valuable.” Brad Hughes, March 2014
Catherine was able to gamify the entire day and make it a very engaging day for our team! Neal Conlon, March 2014
Incredible course, highly engaging and you learn a lot about your team! Anna Camara, March 2014
Catherine has become a trusted advisor and mentor. She empowers her clientele by equipping them with the necessary tools to achieve true transformational change of their end-to-end business model.
Patricia Heise, Jan 2014
The class is fantastic; energetic and hands-on. Great way to immerse a team in understanding and applying agile methodologies. Josh Larson, Dec 2013
Very engaging course! Scott Hayman, Dec 2013
Fast paced, entertaining, fun! Andrew Weber, September 2013
Well structured, informative, useful David Babin, September 2013