Your Goal:

You’re wanting to make a shift from traditional batch/control long-phased Product delivery to iterative and adaptive Agile product discovery and delivery.

This two-day workshop focuses on the business side of Agile product development. Once you have a grasp of the Scrum framework, you will begin with a discovery of breakthrough ideas. We will shape these into a compelling vision, manage your competing stakeholder requests, and inspect and adapt along the way allowing you to adjust to your product plan to match changing reality. The result will leave you with a comprehensive and holistic perspective of how agile methods enable a becomes competitive advantage. If you’re interested you can find more about our Certified Scrum Product Owner course here, or if you wish a special customization of the course, feel free to contact us.

Your Goal:

Develop the right product at the right time delighting customers. Our intensive Certified Scrum Product Owner course offers you a strong foundation in the Scrum framework and agile principles, geared toward the unique Product Owner role.

At the end of the course, you will understand how to leverage Scrum to optimise value creation and customer satisfaction. You will be able to create a realistic release plan, stock the product backlog, write excellent user stories and refine requirements. In this hand-son workshop we will be stepping you through from Ideation through Release planning, pretotyping and pitching with your own product idea with your own project data. If you’re interested you can find more about our CSPO & Product Idea Launch here, or if you wish a special customization of the course, feel free to schedule a time to talk with us further.



Your Goal:

Learn how to start executing with Scrum. In our interactive and hands on Scrum Master Certification course, you will learn the Scrum framework, how to apply Scrum to your projects, and how to navigate the cultural changes necessary to implement Scrum.

In this course, participants will learn Scrum fundamental principles by experiencing them directly from those who have implemented the best Scrums in the software industry. Participants gain hands-on practice with the release backlog, sprint backlog, the daily Scrum meeting, tracking progress with a burndown charts, Scrum boards, and more. Participants experience the Scrum process through a series of hands on exercises, ranging from Visioning through to Sprint Planning.If you’re interested you can find more about the CSM here, and feel free to request a consultation if you want to discuss in person for any course questions or customizations.

Your Goal:

Your Goal: Pilot new Agile/Scrum teams to assess results and obtain buy-in. You will get two or three teams well-started in Scrum. These teams will act as a pilot of Agile within your company, proving that Agile/Scrum will work within your company. Having this evidence will enable you to pursue a faster rollout of Agile/Scrum with less resistance to change, allowing your company to multiply the financial benefits.  If you’re interested you can find more about the Project Launch here, and feel free to request a consultation if you want to discuss in person.

We offer two options of our Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment:

Your Goal: Transition an organization from traditional development methodology to an Agile methodology where we are delivering Business Value by developing high-performing teams and transforming leadership.

Your Goal: Agile Project Diagnosis and Assessment to help teams reach greater effectiveness. If you’re interested you can find more about the ADHA here, and feel free to request a consultation if you want to discuss in person.

The Agile Coach is an integral part of our team-based environment propelled by creativity, collaboration, and agility.

The Agile Coach is a champion for agile adoption and is responsible for coaching and developing self-directed teams by setting direction, engaging the team, removing impediments and obstacles to support continuous improvement and delivery of results, along with celebrating successes.

At CLL Group, we have a business model of “training the coach.” We’ve determined that if we can coach with the goal to rapidly enable someone within the company to take over this coach role,  it’s a win-win for all.  We begin this engagement with an Agile diagnostic health assessment, the results of which enable us to focus where the need is the greatest.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Agile coaching you can you can read more here, and as always feel free to request a consultation if you want to discuss in person.


Your goal:

Fine-tune your Agile product development efforts. We offer customized, collaborative Product Development workshops covering

If you’re interested in our Agile product development workshops, please note we begin with your customer’s needs first, so this engagement would start with a consultation.

Your Goal:

Evolve beyond iterating and adapting at the team level, moving towards the direction of end-to-end (from concept to cash) agility.  We offer customized Agile transformation training and consulting covering

  • Whole-team dynamic organizational modeling. (Are your teams cross-functional, multi-disciplined, and able to deliver – soup to nuts- everything on the product backlog? If not this workshop is for you.)
  • Executive Agile Tutorials / briefings. (Are you able to deliver the Agile sound-bites necessary to the leadership to begin your Agile transformation? If not this session might just be for you.)
  • Agile Transformation Release Planning. (Are you working on a traditional, phased-gate approach to “becoming Agile?  If so, this workshop is for you!)
  • Operational Organizational Agility. (Are you Agile- yet still operating in a waterfall world? This session will help you operationalize your agility.)
  • Agile Life Cycle.  (Are you delivering against a well worn Product Life Cycle or Software Development LifeCycle where the User Acceptance appears at the end of the cycle? If so this session is for you!)

If you’d like to hear more about our customized Agile transformation workshops, why we care about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.