Heading to #Agile2015 in DC tomorrow. Super excited to see old friends and meet new ones.

We’ll be presenting “Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational Modeling” next week, Tuesday at 2pm, and hope you can join in.  Feedback from clients who have used this whole-team modeling approach to empirically create their agile team formation shows this is indeed a valuable tool to help scale Agile teams.  What we discovered is that when you model in 3D versus 2D, there is another psychologically-inspired world which opens up to us when we can use color, shape, and distance to mirror the “real life” occurring in our organizations. On one end of the spectrum, you will see things like Product Owners built on totem poles, all in black bricks wielding weapons, (while the team members are all kneeling in front of the PO as far away as they can get.) And the other end of the spectrum you might see a closely knit team comprised of all the skills necessary to build a product, networked to a think tank, including a customer close in proximity, collaborating closely with the team.  The psychological “health” of the organization comes out in a 3D model, allowing teams to probe and improve further.

You can read more about it at WTDOM.org (and please do feel free to contribute your WTDOM learnings too!)

Hope to see you next week @Agile2015!