Project Team Launch Workshop

Going from zero to 60 in a workshop:

In days following a public CSM or CSPO training, it is very likely that teams will want to have hands-on experience with Scrum using their own project data.  In this workshop we’ll take you from ideation through to execution in no time flat.

What the Team Startup Workshop offers:

Working with your project data, in a whole-team collaborating session, we will migrate from ideation, Product Visioning. Release Planning and Sprint Planning, with the goal to have at least two Sprint iterations worth of detailed work before leaving the workshop.

With the addition of Transition team members, we would also like to use this workshop for addressing any organizational impediments raised by Scrum teams.

The team will generate a decent Release Plan (explained in both the CSPO class) and the Product Owner will provide the business’ viewpoint into this Release Planning. The focus of these teams will be pro- jects to clear the path for the development teams: Agile Transition projects.
The team will produce and commit to a Sprint Goal and a Sprint Plan (aka Sprint Backlog).

The Product Owner, together with the Scrum Master from each team and the team members, will man- age and facilitate the timeline to allow the team to complete two Sprint deliverables.  The team is allowed to self-organize. The team is responsible for getting results, nobody outside the team will be directing the team on how to achieve those results.

All team members are responsible for identifying impediments. The team, along with people outside the team, are responsible for clearing the top impediments, one impediment at a time.

Any Agile Transition team members attending the Project Start-Up workshop will be using the workshop to develop the Release and Sprint Plan for executing the removal of the top impediments of the firm.

Patience and perseverance will be constantly emphasized. Folks are learning this new way together, and through collaboration, and constructive application and support – they will make it work!

Customized workshops:

We customize each in-house workshop to fit the needs of the organization. Every business context is unique, please feel free to contact us as we begin each engagement with a discussion towards meeting your business goals.