Agile Diagnostic Health Assessments

CLL Group offers two options for invoking an Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment:

1.  Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment – Business Transformation

Your Goal: Transition an organization from traditional development methodology to an Agile methodology where we are delivering business value by developing high-performing teams and transforming the leadership.  Agile Change Management at the Organizational level is the focus of this health assessment.

2. Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment – Team Effectiveness

Your Goal: Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment to bring teams to increased effectiveness for those teams which have plateaued. This begins with an assessment of iteration demos, planning, and retrospectives, including subsequent checks from Release Planning through Sprint Planning in a train-the-trainer model coaching to advance the teams to the next level.

Reasons clients have requested our Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment:

  • Analysis of the project teams strengths and weaknesses based on Agility maturity
  • System vs localized value stream improvement
  • Strategy and Business Value
  • Release Planning
  • Agile Testing
  • Innovation and Risk Identification
  • Sprint Planning
  • Communication
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Engineering, tools, business process
  • Diagnostic Health Assessment report
  • Evaluation of Scaling proposals
  • Evaluation of Pilot team proposals
  • Analysis of team’s transformation progress and remaining backlog items
  • Benefits achieved and lessons learned
  • Go forward plan to increase velocity and/or increase transformation team effectiveness based on health assessment analysis and report.

Timeframe and logistics:

Timeframe for an Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment is typically 2 days of embedded coaching with 3rd day for health assessment written evaluation as a deliverable provided by CLL Group. The method involves shadowing the Agile teams through their iterative cycle of Review, Retro, and Sprint Planning, with a deliverable produced as a “Go forward” plan to increase velocity and/or increase transformation organizational/team effectiveness based on health assessment analysis.

If you would like to discuss an Agile Diagnostic Health Assessment further, please do not hesitate to contact us!