Our Specialty

Enterprise Agile Scope:

Our focus is not limited to IT. We have experienced trainers available to help your organization get the benefit of Agile and Lean practices across many industries to include Agile transitioning in the scope of large, multi-nodal solutions, high-reliability systems, with large teams of several hundred to several thousand R&D employees.

Agile Solutions:

Specialties include Agile training and coaching for small start-ups to training and coaching for large multi-customer product development firms

  • Spanning both hardware and software development
  • Embedded systems
  • Data Migrations

Agile Change Management:

We specialize in Lean-Agile Change Management Organization-Wide: helping bring the firm beyond the initial Agile Pilot towards creating an Agile Enterprise.

  • Enabling change management engagements spanning the entire firm: enabling the transition beyond the R&D employees, including the entire value stream (from idea to delivery) from a waterfall methodology to Agile/Scrum.
  • Accelerating the successful adoption of Agile/Scrum in a Lean framework, inclusive of Engineering practices such as Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Test-Driven Development, and Continuous Integration, providing guidance on the Agile transformation framework across all corporate levels.
  • When your Agile teams are supported by your Lean Organization, they continue to increase their innovation and productivity even further.

What makes us different:

  • Our training and coaching business model is one of enablement. We work in an accelerated train-the-trainer model to empower your coaches internally to insure that transforming the culture happens, as it is lead by the companies internal agile transformation leaders versus an external coach.
  • We do not limit our working scope to just one size of teams. Nor do we limit our scope to software only.  We help you make the Agile/Scrum translation whether you are the small start-up  team launching your new product, or the potentially large organization supporting multi-customer  product development solutions or somewhere in-between.
  • We focus on making our customer’s customers happy: we will be focusing on helping you delight your customers.

Customized workshops:

  • We understand that each business context is unique, and offer customized workshops towards meeting your business goals. Please feel free to schedule a time to talk so that we may begin to jointly create your customized workshop.