The Ultimate Guide to Free Web Site Analytics

So, you’ve got a web site and you need a good stats program. If your hosting plan doesn’t provide something like AWStats or Webalizer, or   Read More »

Inspired by others

The recent post at Essential Keystrokes about the evolution of Char’s blog got me thinking about the last 6 months and how easy it is   Read More »

Want to be successful? Learn to manage expectations.

When I was working a “regular” day job and review time would come around, the main thing I looked for was that last page of   Read More »

How to use FeedFlare and related posts to beef up your feed

I’ve been experimenting with two feed related things I thought you might be interested in: Related posts – If you don’t already have the w-a-s-a-b-i   Read More »

Bits and pieces

The blog metaphor group writing project wrapped up recently, and it turns out my post was one of the top 10! What a nice surprise!   Read More »

New Theme for WordPress – Bluebird

Today I am releasing my second theme for WordPress called “Bluebird”. It’s a blue and brown, three column theme designed for at least 1024×768 resolution.   Read More »

New way to make money with your site

I am excited to be in on the ground floor of a new monetization opportunity for bloggers and web site owners (thanks to Gayla), and   Read More »

7 Ways That Blogging is Like Opera

There’s been an interesting conversation going around lately about metaphors for blogging, and how we might explain blogging to someone who is not familiar with   Read More »

A new “do follow” plugin for trackbacks only

With the increasing popularity of the “I Follow Movement”, some have expressed concerns that announcing to the world that you have turned off the rel=”nofollow”   Read More »

Experiment in Improving my Alexa Rank

With my recent jump to a Page Rank of 5, I’m beginning to consider options for monetizing this site. Not heavily, but I wouldn’t mind   Read More »