How To Put Social Media Icons On Your Website


So, you’ve found the perfect social media icons and you want to put them in your theme – maybe in a widget section. Here’s are   Read More »

New site: Solutions for WP – How to do it in WordPress

For quite a long time, I’ve had an difficulty keeping track of all the cool, interesting, and useful WordPress solutions I read in posts and forums. I bookmark things, put them on Delicious, etc. but just end up forgetting where I put them and then spend time Googling around for that thing I read about 6 months ago. Finally, I got the bright idea of using a WordPress database to keep track of them all, and pretty soon I ended up with another website.

How To Efficiently Manage Your Images In WordPress

You know how sometimes you find that you’ve been doing things the hard way for a long time, and then realize that if you’d only taken the time to think about it, there was a much easier way to do it? That’s how I was with managing the images in my sites until recently.

Photoshop to WordPress: A Basic Guide

Converting a design mockup to a WordPress theme can be a daunting process when you first start out. There are so many steps involved it can be hard to know where to begin. This overview will help with the big picture so you’re ready to dive in and create a great theme.

How to manage (almost) any site with WordPress

Every time I set up a new site with WordPress I love it more. I’m continually amazed at how flexible and well-designed it is. Many   Read More »

How to choose a good designer

I have had several clients tell me of bad experiences with designers in the past who were difficult to work with and they didn’t feel   Read More »

How to style images in your blog posts

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How to set up a sideblog

I like the idea of a sideblog- there are always little things that I think are cool, or posts I’ve written for other sites that   Read More »

A Basic Guide to WordPress Template Tags

Recently a reader asked how to add the time of a post to a theme, so I thought I would give a basic overview of   Read More »

The easy way to learn CSS and customize your blog theme

With the release of my DIYTheme last week, I promised I would show you step by step how to customize it. I know there are   Read More »