I’ve been experimenting with two feed related things I thought you might be interested in:

Related posts – If you don’t already have the w-a-s-a-b-i related posts plugin installed, you should. There are few things that have increased the pageloads in my sites as much as this plugin. Once that’s installed, you can pick up the plugin that will add those related posts to your feed at Solo Technology.

feed flareFeedFlare – This is a nifty little thing I knew nothing about until Char and I wanted to offer a jointly authored free e-book to subscribers at our kids sites. I knew I had seen it when I subscribed to Chris Garrett’s feed to get his excellent e-book. After some research, it turns out the answer was right inside Feedburner under the Optimize tab. FeedFlare has built in options for allowing readers to act on your content, such as Stumbling, or Digging it, and you can also add your own “flare” by following Feedburner’s excellent reference guide.

At first I was a little put off by the XML thing, as I’ve really not gotten into that much and don’t understand it. I searched for quite a while for something I thought should have been easy to find- all I needed was a basic template so I could just fill in the blanks to create my XML file that would contain a simple link to a page on my site. I finally found one, and since I didn’t keep the link, I can’t find it again of course, so… here is a template you can use to create your own feed flare with a simple link. You’ll want to just right click on that link and save it to your computer. Then, after you’ve edited it, upload it to your site, and link to it in the Personal FeedFlare section. You can then test it by viewing your feed (link at top left of the FeedFlare area).

Now…don’t you want to click on one of those related posts?