Well, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to WordPress 2.3. I always sort of grit my teeth and cross my fingers when it’s time to upgrade, it went quickly and everything still works! I decided since the site had new insides, it was time for a new header too. One responder to my survey said they were a little tired of the gumdrops- see how I’m responding to your input already? 😉 Actually, I was a little tired of them too, but I did stick with pink for October in this new look.

Speaking of the survey – I have had 20 respondents so far and I appreciate every one, but I’m sure there are more of you that have a minute to spare to give me some input and tell me something about yourself. I’ll tell you all what I learned in an upcoming post.

Another new addition that I’d like to recommend is the Homepage Excerpts plugin that was recently released by Daniel at Daily Blog Tips. The plugin allows you to display the most recent posts as full posts, and then the older ones that are still on your index page as excerpts. If you scroll down, you’ll see what I mean. This is more search engine friendly and I think more user friendly as well.

Another site that has a new look is one of the many sites of Jooce, the winner of my Pimp My Blog contest. Her celebrity gossip blog, Zero Jooce, has a new header I designed. It’s fun designing for gossip sites, because you can throw “conservative” right out the window and go completely over the top!