I’ve been wondering for a while just who the readers of this blog are. I know some of you because you comment regularly and I visit your site to get to know you, if you have one. But, I want to hear from everyone- especially you lurkers! 😉 What do you do in life? Are you all bloggers? What are your biggest challenges and how can I be of help to you? I decided to hunt around for a survey plugin that would help me to find out, and found a great one called Survey Fly. If you’re ever looking to run a survey on your site, I highly recommend it as it has been SUPER easy to use.

Anyway… on to the questions – will you take a minute to answer them? There are only a couple of questions and I would really appreciate your input. If you don’t have time right now, will you bookmark it to come back to later? Be careful with pressing the Enter key, by the way. I should have set up some of the fields as bigger text areas and unfortunately can’t change it now that it’s running. The Enter key will submit the survey. Sorry about that- I’ll do better next time! Thank you!