pimp my blog

I recently posted about the four reasons your blog needs a logo, and the need to visually differentiate yourself from the millions of other blogs that are out there. Some of you probably thought, “that’s great, but I’m not a designer and I don’t know how to customize my blog anyway.” In the spirit of the MTV show, I will “pimp” your blog with a custom logo design along with a customized blog header!

The Randa Clay Design Pimp My Blog Contest

I’m offering two prizes:
1. One winner will receive a custom blog logo, along with a custom header if they would like one.
2. A second winner will receive a free blog review, including a feature article on this site.

There are multiple ways to enter:
3 entries: write about this contest on your site (at least a paragraph or so) with a link back to this post and one other post that you like from this site. You can use the graphic above if you like.

2 entries: add Randa Clay Design to your blogroll

1 entry: subscribe to my feed (see links in the sidebar or at the bottom of this post)

It is notoriously difficult to keep track of all entries to a contest such as this when they involve links. In order to make sure that I include everyone, I’m going to ask that if you want to enter, please send a quick e-mail to randa [at] randaclay [dot] com with “Pimp My Blog” in the subject line. Include all the ways you are entering- just copy and paste the section below and fill in the blanks:

Link to the post about the contest:

Link to your site directly if you’ve added me to your blogroll:

The code word that is in the footer of the feed:

Also, if you’re not interested in a custom design, but would still like to be in the running for the blog review feature post, let me know that as well.

Some limitations:

1. If you have a WordPress blog, I can help walk you through the installation of the header/logo. I can also provide some help with Blogger blogs, though I don’t work with them as much. If you are on another blogging system, you can provide the size header and/or logo you need, but you might need to find some other help installing it.
2. If you win prize #2, you agree to allow me to post the review, along with any “constructive criticism” I might provide, on this site. (I’ll be really nice, I promise.)
3. You may post on multiple blogs and receive 3 entries for each post, or blogroll addition. Please send ALL entries in one e-mail if possible.
4. I will not design for or review an adult, gambling, warez or other morally offensive site.
5. All entries must be received by August 24th, midnight US Eastern Time.

Even if you’re not interested in entering, I would be grateful if you would help me get the word out with a mention on your site.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!