Phil Nash is a genius. His trick for making backgrounds transparent while still allowing the other items stacked on top in the div to keep their opacity put the icing on the cake in my first theme for WordPress. Here’s the code

I originally had it in a class, and that didn’t work in Firefox. Once I moved it to a div, it worked except it needed the conditional statement around the bit for IE for it to work in Firefox. (Phil did some more tweaking for me and the class worked fine. I changed the code above to reflect.) Take a look at the theme now. I think it’s a nice touch that makes the whole thing more interesting.

So… the white space on the right side is bothersome to some, it seems. I’m going to work on a variation of the background to include with the theme. Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to leave comments- keep it coming today. I’ll probably release the theme tomorrow.