business card design

I was excited when Deb Ng of the Freelance Writing Jobs Network approached me about creating a business card design. I knew Deb would be fun to work with, and I also don’t get the chance to design business cards as often as I might like.  Deb is a writer and social media consultant and wanted a unique business card design that would reflect her business as a freelance writer, professional blogger and social media consultant. As we discussed the design, she indicated she’d like something with a slightly retro feel in font and color and that was not the standard rectangle shape.

I had one of those middle of the night inspirations about the back of her card and was pleased she liked the idea of covering the card with words, along with the tagline “the power of words”.  In order to get an idea of what kind of retro color palette might appeal to her, I asked her to look through the retro designs in this Smashing  Magazine post of retro web designs. I used one of my all-time favorite fonts, Chalet (the Tokyo variation) to continue with the retro feel and I also loved the way the shapes of the d, b and g mirrored each other in her name.

She used to produce the cards. I have used them in the past with good results and they provided a high quality product for Deb as well, for a very reasonable price.

Are you one of those who is wondering, why does a blogger need a business card anyway? Check out my post on that topic here, and then take a look at a nice collection of business cards of bloggers at Brian Yerkes’ site. Ready to create a card of your own? Don’t miss David Airey’s post on what makes a good business card.