Brian Yerkes is compiling a collection of business cards of bloggers on his site, and I thought I would throw mine into the pile. I happen to have a business card because of my design business, and my blog is listed prominently because it’s sort of “Randa Clay Central” when it comes to my design work.

Would I have a business card if my blog was about something like basket weaving, for example? Yes… here are just a couple of reasons:

ProBlogger lists business cards as the #1 way to increase readership through offline methods.

Chris Garrett notes in a recent post from SOBCon that he seemed to be the only blogger there without a business card. These are some of the most successful bloggers in the business, and they all have found value in having business cards.

Business cards for your blog do not have to be expensive. For months I have been meaning to get some MooCards for my FreeStuff4Kids site. I run into other parents all the time at parks, doctor’s offices, etc. who would be potential readers of the site. Having some cute little MooCards to hand out would be ideal. (Now I just need to get my butt in gear and get them printed…)

Do you have a business card for your blog? Have you found them to be useful in building readership? Be sure to stop by Brian’s site to get inspired as the collection of business cards grows.

By the way… if you were thinking of dropping by for a visit at the address on the card, you’ll not find me there- we’ve moved. Thought I’d mention… just in case. 😉