The 960 Grid Explained

Great screencast on the 960 grid system.

IE6 bugs that can drive a designer crazy

This article explains the CSS bugs that make IE6 a pain in the butt, and gives solutions to get around them- very helpful!

Blogger’s Guide to Unhappiness

Blogger’s Guide to Unhappiness – the title says it all. Check out my tongue in cheek post at the Blog Herald.

What is graphic design?

What is Graphic Design?  Check out the entries in Veerle’s poster contest.  Here’s my favorite.

What sets you apart?

What Sets You Apart? – what is going to cause you to stand out in the sea of millions of bloggers?

Online Treasure Hunt

Performancing is celebrating their 2 year anniversary with an online treasure hunt! There are some great prizes to be had: 1 hour free consultation with   Read More »

I need this

Coolest Workspace Contest: The Treadputer – Lifehacker It’s hard to imaging typing and walking at the same time- a little like patting your head and   Read More »

The best new words

2006 was, according to some, the year that the number of words in the English language reached 1 million. No wonder it’s the most difficult   Read More »

Giveaway of the Day

Have you found Giveaway of the Day yet? There are a few sites I visit every day and this is one of them. Each day   Read More »