Ben Yoskovitz wants to know our secrets to productivity. He is sponsoring a group writing project called The Ultimate Guide to Productivity and my friend Char at Essential Keystrokes tagged me to participate. This is a topic that interests me and I’ve been reading other entries hoping to get some tips, as I never have enough time in the day to do all that I want to do. Here is how I approach my work:

  • Break tasks down into small bits. I rarely complete anything in one sitting. Many times, I’ll pass by the computer when I have two minutes as my son is finishing his lunch and continue on with something I’ve left halfway done. I might only get one small step towards completion, but at least it’s movement. When I do have a block of time, I try to choose one task and turn everything else off, e-mail, feed reader, etc. If I have several small bits to work on that are all related, I try to wait until I have a block of time when I can knock them all out at once.  I often create the posts for my two monetized sites for the week in one larger block of time, and use the timestamp feature in WP to space them out through the week.
  • Choose tasks to accomplish in order of priority. Finishing projects when I said I would is of the utmost importance to me, so that’s a key factor as I prioritize. Besides deadlines, I prioritize by considering my long-term goals and by what is going to give me the best monetary return on my time investment.
  • The feed reader and stats analysis can be big time suckers. I find that I have to weed things out of my reader regularly and I try to choose which feeds I will keep wisely, keeping only the most valuable.
  • I do the icky stuff first if I can, so I can look forward to the fun stuff. Procrastination is from the Devil.
  • There is no dead time, unless I just need some time to zone out. When I’m standing in line somewhere I’m thinking about blog posts. When I’m a passenger in a car I’m imagining logo design possibilities, etc.
  • Make it as easy to work as possible. I have a computer in two main areas in our house, so that if I start a blog post on one, I can finish it on the other. I use gmail, so I can easily manage my e-mail from either computer.  I try to keep things as organized and as easy to find as possible.

I usually cop out on tagging people, I confess, but this time I’m going to tag a couple:

Brian Gardner – because I can’t believe how much he has going on, and I’m always wondering how he gets it all accomplished.

Cory Miller – also seems to have many projects going on at once and always with high quality results.