Performancing has recently launched Performancing Services, offering three unique services designed to maximize the reach and impact of your online presence. I am pleased to be associated with some of the best online professionals around as part of the group who are pooling our years of experience in this endeavor. There are three groups of services:

Social Media Marketing – putting your site on the map with viral content created specifically to significantly boost incoming links and traffic.

Blog Management Services – a set of three services for blog launch, reboot or total management.

Authority Builder – a 12 month full-service plan that will turn your website into a leading authority in your niche.

Even if you can’t afford these services, it’s interesting to see what is offered and what can be produced with a group of experienced online professionals get together.

Maybe you’re new to this whole business and you’re looking for ways to get involved in business opportunities like this one with others and you’re wondering how I landed it. One word: networking. I began networking as I started this blog last January and with each relationship made there were new avenues to explore. It’s not a quick road, but if you keep developing relationships, and keep being helpful to others as often as possible, you will be amazed at the opportunities that come to you.

By the way, do you like the Performancing Services site design? I did it. 🙂