Performancing has just just re-launched their PMetrics site analytics package and it looks very promising. I am an over-analyst by nature, so I installed it immediately. I like the free version of Statcounter really well (though the thing with it only keeping the detail for the past 100 pageloads is getting pretty annoying), never could get into Google Analytics, use 103 Bees here and there, and am always game for trying another way of looking at visitors to my various sites.

Here is a short list of some of the features I found to be most interesting:

  • A clean, straightforward way of looking at all the data
  • RSS feeds for various metrics at any frequency you want (this is one of the things I’m most excited about, though it is only available with the $14.99/year premium service, it’s enough to make even a super cheapskate like me consider it)
  • Filter visitors based on country, browser, referrer, search, etc
  • Track outgoing links. This feature is also only available on the premium service level, but I’ve been looking for a way to combine referrer stats easily with outgoing links to see which referrers are sending the best “ad clickers” to my monetized sites. If I could get a handle on that I would know where to put my focus in promoting the sites.

I’ll report back at some point with a review.

Interested? Give it a try- click on the image below. You get the premium service for 21 days for free:
Performancing Metrics

Update: The first 100 bloggers to provide an honest review of pMetrics on their blogs will receive pMetrics premium free for 12 months.