They lay in suspended animation, waiting for their time.
Creative Commons License photo credit: nosha

I love Twitter. This was not always the case, but I have come full circle and have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon with everyone else. But, nothing’s perfect, and I have a few pet peeves to share, along with some collected from other Twitter users who were kind enough to contribute:

  • Tweeple, Tweeps, Peeps – I’m sorry. I don’t know why. I can see how many people would think they’re sort of cute, but I really don’t care for these “words”, especially when used in the possessive sense. Referring to me as one of your Peeps makes me feel insignificant. (Don’t worry- I won’t hold it against you.)
  • Lame, impersonal Auto DMs when you follow someone.
  • People who only tweet links.
  • People who only tweet strange, enigmatic thoughts. You have no idea what they mean and they never explain.

@johawke – Posting play-by-play for airing TV show. No spoilers, please–I’ve no cable & Netflix is behind two seasons! And…people who curse in their Tweets. Grow up! Get a chatroom! My kids are liable to see this.

@ElToroDeRata – Peeps who follow just to get followed.

@LynnEnsMom – horrid overwhelming hideous backgrounds.

@dtsn – when pressing enter on the twitter home page it does not submit the tweet box

@inspirationbit – too many duplicated tweets from the same person; huge FollowFriday lists; not including any Bio on Twitter page

@DavidJGarcia – 30 one-word @replies in a row. Ideal replies have enough context to add value for outsiders–otherwise: DM.

Your turn- what are your Twitter pet peeves?