Last year I began to see reviews of a cool looking giant bean bag on several blogs, and I was impressed with the way the company was marketing their product through non-traditional means. I was also jealous. I wanted one. So, when I received the email from Andrew, purveyor of the awesome  Sumo Bean Bags a couple of weeks ago I jumped at the opportunity to finally get my very own Sumo Omni.

The Omni comes in 10 great colors- I chose the Funky Brown. (Be aware, if you order this color that it is several shades darker than the picture on the site.) The giant box it came in gave my son something to play with for several days, but he quickly discovered that the huge bean bag was way more fun. The Sumo site calls the Omni a “crash mat” and that’s exactly how it’s been used for the past 4 days since I received it. Big J has thoroughly tested the durability of the “space age rip-proof nylon” by repeatedly diving off the piano bench onto the bean bag.

I really like the versatility of the Omni. It’s final destination is the boys’ bedroom, but for right now it’s a very comfortable lounge chair in the living room (when it’s not being used as a crash mat). You could even use it as an extra bed for a kid when you have company!