I’ve got a new post up over at Wisdump about the top 4 mini-blogging options that are available, including a comparison chart to get a quick idea of what’s available. There are zillions more of course, allowing you to share your current mood and what you ate for breakfast, as if anyone cares, and I guess a lot of people do, given the popularity of these things. Whether you use them or not and how often really depends on where your friends are and what functionality you’re looking for.

What’s the point?

I personally have avoided things like Twitter, and didn’t care about getting a Pownce invitation and had never even heard of Jaiku until I went about writing this post. I had heard of Tumblr, but didn’t really see the need since I have a blog. I really saw them as a way of wasting a lot of time with things of relatively little value. However, for some the real value is just the ability to more easily connect with others.

Have I changed my mind?

Having tried them all in the last week or so, I think I at least get why people use them so much. And, though I have this blog, it’s just a small part of my online activities and having a way of aggregating them all in one place is a nice idea. Jaiku or Tumblr works best for this purpose. I decided to start a Tumblelog and maybe I’ll keep using it, maybe not – we’ll see. I do like the fact that you can pull all your feeds into one place there (I’m still working on that), and the ability to completely customize it really appeals to me, of course. I will probably also release a Tumblr theme sometime soon.

So, stop on over and read the post and either comment there or come back here and tell me what you think. Are you using any of these? I have some Pownce invites left, if anyone wants to try it.