I’ve been using Pmetrics from Performancing a couple of days now, and so far I really like it. I was planning to write a review in a week or so, but they have an offer out for the first 100 reviews to receive free premium service for a year, so I thought I’d better jump on it! I use a great, super affordable hosting package from 1and1 that has been perfect for me, all except for the lack of stats provided, or even log files, so a good analytical statistics solution is a must. I’ve been using Statcounter and have, for the most part, been pleased with their service, but have been keeping my eyes out for something better.

What I like about Pmetrics:

  • this system has a clean, fast loading interface that is easy to use and understand at a glance
  • the RSS feed thing is great. The fact that you can have a selection of stats delivered into your feed reader at any interval you choose is a useful feature.
  • the tracking of file downloads is something I’ve always wanted out of Statcounter, and am glad to see in Performancing. My kids site and scrapbooking sites have lots of freebies for people to download and I have never been sure how much people were using them.
  • quick response to questions, problems, etc. in the support forums
  • they have an affiliate program that pays 20% of every purchase of their premium service.

What I don’t like:

  • right now, you can only see the stats for one day at a time, but not aggregated over time. They are adding the ability to look at things over a defined time period, so hopefully that will be addressed soon.
  • I was really hoping to be able to see who was referring the best ad-clickers to my monetized sites, and the outgoing links don’t show clicks on Adsense ads. I put in a question in the support forum and it turns out they’re working on adding the ability to track those clicks.
  • I goofed up when I was adding my scrapbooking site, and then there was no way to delete it easily without sending an e-mail to them. That site is still not showing stats, though I’ve moved the code around in the site to try and get it to work. I’m sure the issue will be resolved soon.

Overall, Pmetrics is very good, and getting better as they add features. I would highly recommend it- give it a try.

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