Finding sources of good vector art for use in design projects can be rather difficult. I can do illustration, but find it to be very time consuming, and while I don’t mind paying for good illustrations, I really appreciate all the sites out there that are offering freebies

This is a growing index of vector art contributed by “some of the best designers around the world.” The collection is still relatively small, but the quality is wonderful. Included are a rating system, easy to browse gallery and preview options.

Vector Vault
Regularly updated vector freebies. The current available illustrations include useful things like a wheelchair, rollercoasters, a purse and a horse. Sign up for their newsletter to be updated when a new group of freebies comes out.

This blog periodically offers free downloads of brushes for Illustrator, such as foliage and pattern brushes, as well as illustrations of things like butterflies and flowers. Freebies for Photoshop are also offered for download.

Vector Portal
Lots of good stuff here including maps, symbols and signs, and clip art. The quality is hit and miss in the clip art, but overall it’s a great site.

Spoon Graphics
Several freebies are offered on this blog, including some “web 2.0” buttons, flowers, etc. It’s been a while since the latest freebie was offered, but there’s a particularly nice wallpaper pattern here you might find useful.

Also, check out Tutorial Blog’s post with a listing of freebies found around the internet.

Want to get started working with vector artwork but don’t want to pay through the nose for something like Adobe Illustrator? Try Inkscape– it’s a free open source vector editor. Wondering what a vector is and how it’s different from something you’d create in a program like Photoshop? Check out this article for a full explanation.