I really don’t PLAN to redesign every year. It just seems that I’m happy with a design for only a year or so, and then something I see strikes me and I’ve suddenly got redesign fever. This time, it was a font- League Gothic.  I have long been a fan of Trade Gothic, especially in it’s bold condensed form, but I just cannot spend almost $300 for a font, no matter how much I like it. So, when I discovered League Gothic, I did a little happy dance and promptly decided to redesign my site around it.

This design is probably more “me” than any in the past, clean and simple, lots of color and some unexpected touches here and there. I always have a hard time deciding on just one color scheme, so with this design, there are several color schemes and each time a page is loaded a random one is chosen. Also, I’ve gone with a bit less focus on the blog and more on my work.

Thanks, as always, for visiting my little corner of the world- I appreciate it!