19_397_3aHistorically, a monogram was used as a royal signature. Romans and Greeks used them on coins to identify their rulers. Then, in the Middle Ages, artisans began to use them to sign their work. Victorian-period high-class persons adapted the monogram for personal use as a symbol of their place in society. These days a monogram can represent a person, couple or family and monograms are also used regularly in logo design.

41_biersI became interested in monograms several years ago, after stumbling upon this amazing gallery of monograms.  I was so inspired in fact, that I set up a little custom monogram site, and did a decent business for a while before I realized there were other, more profitable things I could be spending my time on. I still love them though. I love the idea of having one’s own personal logo and of a couple developing their monogram when they get married.

Here are some monograms I created back in the day: