I had planned a larger post today, but I am so slammed with work and life that I decided to post in answer to Brian Gardner’s questions he recently tagged me with, as I knew I could write it quickly!

What is something that would surprise people about you and design?

It’s probably not a surprise, as I’ve mentioned it before, but like Brian, I am completely self-taught. It took me a very long time before I was really designing things I was pleased with, and I definitely found that having the right tools in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop made a huge difference.

If you could design one blogger’s site for free, who would it be?

The first person I thought of was Andy Beard. If he ever decided to dress up his site, I’d be game to participate.

What blog platform do you prefer, and why?

Like everyone else Brian tagged, WordPress is the obvious choice. It’s user friendly enough for a basic user, and advanced users can customize and tweak their sites to death if they want.

Aside from your own, what is your favorite blog theme/template?

I’ve used Brian’s Blue Zinfandel a lot, as the code is very clean and easy to customize. I have never used Michael Pollock’s themes, but I am so impressed with his stuff- I’d love to play with his Zeke theme. There a ton of others that I stand in awe of such as 5thirtyone and Subtraction that are using grid based design.

Do you have a blog-reading guilty pleasure?

I Can Has Cheezeburger cracks me up and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit. 😉
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