I’m a relatively new user of WordPress, having done my first install only 6 months ago or so, but I’ve tried out several themes and thought I’d give a review of each.

Misty Look, by Sadish – this was the first theme I used, and it is a simple, beautiful theme. It is easily customizable with your own header, or you can go even further, as I’ve done with my Lumps of Clay blog, and completely revamp the whole thing without completely destroying the functionality.

Blue Zinfandel – when I set up my FreeStuff4Kids site, I was looking for a theme that was really basic in design, with minimal graphics, as I didn’t want a lot that I would have to undo in order to implement my own design. This is a well-designed theme that has been easy to customize, and I downloaded a newer version for my Scrapbooking site that has worked great as well. It does not work well out of the box at 800×600 resolution. It wasn’t designed to. I’ve modified it to 800×600 because I’m not sure my particular audiences will always have the most up-to-date technology.

3k2 – this is the theme I’m using for this site, and where other themes I’ve worked with have been relatively simple, this one is much more complex. I’ve customized it somewhat, and still have more to do, but I think I like it so far. It’s complex because there are so many options, and the CSS is not as straightforward as I would like. Using widgets in the sidebar is goofing up the footer for some reason… still working on that.