faceDavid Airey had the wonderful idea to start a “face behind the blog” meme, and I think it’s my favorite meme of all time. When I started using MyBlogLog, I enjoyed seeing visitors faces for the first time, and I always look for a picture on blogs that I frequent so I can put a face with a name. It’s been great to see everyone’s pictures and get to know them a little better! Dawud Miracle tagged me, so here goes….

wedding picture

This picture was taken just over 6 years ago when I had the privilege of marrying the brilliant and handsome Mark Clay.


Here’s me with one of our three cats. Mark didn’t even think he liked cats before we got married, and it was actually his idea to get all three! I converted him!

witch costumegeisha

I actually majored in music in college and had a try at an opera career before realizing that it was a much better idea to do that on the side and get a regular job. Above are two especially scary costumes from some years ago. (I included these pictures so you could tell I am person with few insecurities… haha!) The one on the left is from Verdi’s Macbeth, and possibly was the worst costume experience of my career. It’s hot on stage, and then they put us in wigs, masks, gloves, and several layers of grey flannel and gauze. Oh… and then because it was such an old theater, the elevator was teeny tiny and we had to walk up the 6 flights of stairs to our dressing room! Ridiculous. The one on the right is from a production of Madame Butterfly. Most recently, I sang with the Chicago Lyric Opera chorus before we moved back to the Columbus, Ohio area after Jack was born. It was a wonderful artistic experience and a great opportunity.


This is my son, Jack. He’s 22 months old, and a continual joy and challenge. He’s a busy, busy boy, and like his mother, he likes to play on the computer!

Finally, here’s one of me and Jack last year on his birthday. You can see more pictures on Flickr and on my personal blog – I’d love it if you paid me a visit over there!
Now, who should I tag…? I’d love to see the face behind Tara’s Graphic Design Blog. She’s a talented designer- pay her a visit and be sure to grab her feed.