customer service awardDid I say that Technorati wasn’t winning any awards for customer service? I was wrong. Or, should I say, I was premature. I still think if you’re going to change something up on your users, you should inform them up front instead of leaving them to wonder and become frustrated. However, much to my surprise, Dave Sifry and the folks at Technorati are listening to us. He left several comments on my last post on this subject assuring us that Rank hadn’t disappeared completely and adding some info on the upcoming improvements to the “ticker” across the top of the newly designed site. They listened and responded. Rank is back.

I said “much to my surprise” because I think that’s pretty rare these days. People sit in their comfortable cubes and offices and make decisions that directly impact their customers and forget to actually listen to those who are making it possible for them to have a job in the first place: their customers/users.

Those of us who have blogs have customers as well. Are we listening to them? Are we responding to them?

(By the way, I actually broke into the top 10,000 while the Rank metric was absent for a couple of days, and I just wanted to say thanks! YOU made it possible for this blog to come this far in just over 4 months, and I am most grateful. Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for the link love.)