I was really looking forward to breaking into the top 10,000 in the Technorati ranking, and today I see in the site redesign they removed Rank entirely, in favor of the new Authority score. What’s really annoying though, is that in the write up about the redesign, there is no mention of Rank at all. No reasoning behind why they decided to do away with it… nothing. That’s a good example of terrible customer service. I assume they felt there was a good reason for dumping the Rank score, but instead of explaining it for the thousands of us who pay close attention to it so that we could understand their decision, they disappointed and dismayed us. The Authority score is fine, except that I have no sense of where the top is and thus have no good feel for where I stand in relation to the rest of the blogosphere.

Otherwise, the redesign is a good move and the search feature is simpler and faster. In fact, they’ve set up a subdomain dedicated to blogsearch at s.technorati.com.

So, what do you think? Am I the only one disappointed to see Rank go away entirely?