Need some mindless entertainment that might leave you with crossed eyes? Try finding the face in the baked beans and the face in the coffee beans.

Curious to know if your content is being copied? Check out Copyscape (via the useful post at Design Adaptations about protecting your work)

Take the Problogger Test at Daily Blog Tips. I only got a 70- what score did you get?

Curious where you stand as we head into a possible Page Rank update this weekend? Try SmartPageRank. I like the backlinks analyzer there as well. It lists pages elsewhere that link to you, including the PR of that page. You can also see whether each linking page uses “NoFollow”.

Photoshop is awesome… just for fun check out Planet Hiltron – what the stars might look like as regular people, and what their babies might look like.

And, finally, you must pay John a visit at his new site, I Love Typography. He’s designed a gorgeous theme, and I love the giant text in the header.