Now that I have four separate blogs going, I decided to try a blog editor to see if it would make things simpler. Logging in and out of separate blogs, waiting for pages to load, etc. can be tedious, so I thought it might be worth a try. I considered Qumana, because I know a lot of people use it and really like it, but when I found that Performancing actually worked within the Firefox browser, I decided to go with it.


  • The set up was fairly simple, and it was easy to jump in and start using it.
  • It opens in a pane at the bottom of your browser window, which I really liked, and you can drag text right off of the page you’re viewing.
  • If you’re not ready to publish, you can easily save the draft to your blog to work on later. This may be my favorite feature. Often I’ll run across something on the web that I want to blog about, and it’s sort of a pain to open another tab and get into my blog just to post a quick link and a couple of notes to follow up on later.
  • It has a place to enter Technorati tags to include with your post.
  • You can use the built-in FTP tool instead of opening a separate FTP program.


  • Including an image in a post was not quick and easy. In fact I gave up trying to figure it out. It was just taking too much time.
  • It has a built-in blog metrics system, and even though I had signed up for it, when I entered my username and password, I kept getting an error.
  • Maybe my biggest gripe is the automatic inclusion of a footnote in the post (see below “powered by…”). This really annoys me. Sure, I can delete it, but it’s just unecessary to include that in the program.

So, in conclusion I think for me, Performancing is a great tool to quickly save drafts into my blog without having to log all the way in, but that’s about it.

What program do you use, if any? Should I give another one a try?

powered by performancing firefox