ask.comI am excited to be in on the ground floor of a new monetization opportunity for bloggers and web site owners (thanks to Gayla), and I want to give you the opportunity to get in on it early as well! A leading distributor for has a new program called Related Search Ads. It is highly customizable and puts you in complete control over all aspects of the ad display. You can use this program on sites where you have Adsense ads, and it can work well on those sites where Adsense just doesn’t provide much income. Right now they’re focusing on approving only high-traffic sites (50,000+ visitors per month), but hopefully that will change soon. You can see it in action at the bottom of this post as well as in the sidebar of one of my niche blogs, Printables4Scrapbooking. It’s working great for me so far!

How does it work? you enter a keyword/phrase in the set up form, choose whether you want a vertical or horizontal display and what size you want, how many links you want to display, and what elements you want to have in the links area. When users click on one of the related search terms it opens a new window or tab in and you earn a commission clicks on sponsored links!

Will my Adsense clicks decline? I have not seen a decline since I’ve been using it, and other users have reported the same.

How can I sign up? New publishers are being taken by referral only, and each site is reviewed individually and manually approved. Click here to sign up via my referral form! Put my name (RANDA CLAY) in the referral form. Once you sign up, you can also apply to earn from those who sign up under you! This is a great program- I encourage you to try it out and let me know what you think.