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I have posted in the past about how much I use the Performancing (now called ScribeFire) blogging extension for Firefox. The Performancing site has undergone some changes lately and one of the more exciting ones is the opportunity to be published on their main community blog and be paid for it, and even share in the Adsense revenue that your post brings in! You also earn 10% of all AdSense revenue generated by users that you refer to Performancing, so click here on my Performancing referral link to get started. You can create a user account and start posting almost immediately (click on Create Content in the sidebar). Each day, they’ll scour the entire set of Performancing blog posts and when they find posts that contain useful information, they’ll promote them to the front page. Also, if you get in on this early, you’ll have a much better odds of being published and it is sure to be some good exposure.

I’ve been asked to post on Performancing on a regular basis, and my first post is up! Look for me there about once a week. I’d post a direct link to it here, but I want you to click on my Performancing referral link! 🙂

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