pimp my blogThe first prize winner in the Pimp My Blog contest is Angela Stevens! I wasn’t even surprised when she turned out to be the winner because she stacked the odds in her favor by racking up 26 (!) entries by writing about the contest on all of her multiple blogs and adding my site to the blogrolls. Congratulations Angela! I’m looking forward to working with you on blog header/logo design. Now your difficulty is choosing which blog you’ll want me to work on.

The second prize winner is Ian Hedges! He wins a blog review- look for that in the coming week or so.

Everyone else wins a link out from my site, which I hope you won’t be too disappointed with considering it’s a PR5 site.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my first contest! There were 142 entries among 32 entrants:

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The Beta News
It’s Write Now
Rooms of My Heart
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The Fork of Ambiguity
Super WAHM
Writing Thoughts
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Confused Monkeys
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Taylor’s Entertainment News
Stefan Graf
Mummy’s Musings
The Soap Vox
Checkup Today
Angela Stevens
Zero Jooce
Gack Ink
Ian Hedges
Cool Hotels
Blog Junkie
Nicholas Fiedler
Slightly Mordant
Notebook Meanderings
Babble Soft’s Blog
Walter Burek
Random Jabber
Joyce Babu
Discussing Autism