photospinI was recently offered the opportunity to review the stock image site, Since I am constantly in need of well-priced, quality stock images, I gladly accepted!

The images are priced at $2 for a small (864px) image, up to $20 for a large (3600px) image. Vector images are $30, which is comparable to other stock sites. They offer fonts as well- all the ones I viewed were priced at $49.95. Subscription prices start at $429 a year for 500 downloads a month.


  • No credits! I hate having to buy credits and then only partially use them, so I really appreciate not having to do that on PhotoSpin.
  • I like the option of searching vectors separate from illustrations. Some stock image sites just allow a search of illustrations and don’t separate out the vectors.


  • You can sort the results of your search by Random, Newest or Similar, but I missed having a “Most Popular” sort option, which can frequently help sort the best images to the top.
  • They have a lightbox feature, but when you click the little plus (+) below the thumbnail of the image, you can’t choose which lightbox it puts the image into.
  • Less selection than other sites.

My conclusion: while the selection might not yet be as large as some of the more well-known sites, if you can find what you need and don’t need the extra large images, you can save some money.

So, check out PhotoSpin and if you decide to get a subscription, PhotoSpin has generously offered my readers a 10% off coupon! Just use the coupon code CLAY10 when signing up!