Jack turns 6

Jul 18

The boys get a party every other birthday, and this was Jack’s year to invite some kids over. He wanted a treasure hunt party, so we had some clues and they had to figure them out and run around the house to find the next one to finally get to the treasure. He had a treasure chest pinata and a Mommy-made cake (my first attempt at cake decorating in a while). A good time was had by all.

(You can click on the images for larger versions)

Jack has entered the Star Wars phase of life, which is fun, since we get to watch those hokey movies again and Mark pulled out the X-Wing fighter and remote controlled R2D2 he played with as a kid. He’s lots of fun to do school with (when he’s in the mood that is) because he’s interested in everything. He continues to be high-energy, challenging,┬ámischievous, goofy, cautious and outgoing. Life is never boring with Jack around.


  1. Laura /

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love the clues idea.

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