It’s a boy!

Feb 18

We had the ultrasound today and everything looks perfect. Very easy to tell that he is a boy. They had 4D ultrasound capabilities, so we got a couple of pictures that look a little creepy, but nice to be able to see his face. So… any name suggestions? Mark is VERY picky when it comes to boy names.





  1. Steve Cavanaugh /

    I think something theologically and historically significant would be appropriate. Have you considered “Benny Hinn” Clay?

    Steve C

  2. Congratulations, Randa, that’s awesome. And I’ve always thought single-syllable names are more masculine, like Jack, Mike, Matt, Steve, Joe… and Mark of course, right? 🙂 A quick google search turned up these, all pretty good: top boy names 1990

  3. OH HOW COOL!! I’m so happy for you. Wonder if we’ll get 4d too? that is the same place we are going? How fun!!! 2 boys are something else, it’s crazy but also so much fun. Jack will love having a little brother. Names….. Jude? Jude Clay is cool. That’s always been on our list.

  4. Congrats and “Obama” might be a good choice this year.

  5. Laura Cloud /

    You need one of the heroes of the faith———like Rod Parsley Clay! Rod is a single syllable name.

  6. Charlie /

    Congrats, I can’t wait till we can head down to the river with our fishing gear together. Laura and myself will be praying that everything will go ok.

  7. Hey Cousin, Congratulations. You know I am partial to boys. Anyway there are few family names that we did not get to use but had on the list. What about Thomas: Tom Clay, or Roy Clay, (I think Hank wants to use Roy for one of his kids some day, How about Daniel, Dan Clay, What about Marshall Clay? How abut Ray Clay? Just to name a few.

  8. congrats man 😉
    hope he becomes a geek like you 😛


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