New blog design and Merry Christmas!

Dec 24

I checked out some books from the library the other day about letterhead and logo design, and one of them had letterheads from 1850-1950.  I was inspired by the beautiful old-fashioned, engraved look with watercolor backgrounds and interesting color combinations.  Since I can’t leave things the same for long anyway, I decided to see if I could imitate the look in a new blog design.  My mother lamented the loss of the cute little clay people, and I have promised to bring them back in a future design.

I hope all who stop by here now and then have a Merry Christmas- God bless you!


  1. Ooooo! I like the new design! I wonder if it would be possible to keep the clay people, but make them old fashioned looking as well. Just a thought.

  2. Beautiful blog Randa! Thanks for stopping in at mine – I will be checking back in here.

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