Best Handbell Choir Name Ever

Dec 12

As many of you know, I direct the handbell choir at Reynoldsburg Baptist Church. We’re having difficulty finding people to replace several that we’ve lost over the last several months. Maybe we would have an easier time if we had an awesome name like the Ring of Fire Handbell Choir? Wonder if they do an arrangement of the Johnny Cash song of the same name? Hmmm… Ring of Fire on handbells… that would make a good prelude on Sunday morning, especially if there was going to be a good “hell fire and brimstone” sermon.


  1. Jeff Cavanaugh /

    Do you call yourself the Lord of the Rings? If y’all lose enough people, you can be The One Ring. Or, on a particularly bad day, perhaps the Ring of Doom. If you can work your skills up to performing really big, dramatic stuff, maybe y’all could be the Ringers of the Nibelung.

  2. LOL! Perfect!