Cell Phones .org is holding a 2009 Blogger Appreciation Contest and you could win to have your cell phone bill paid up for a full year (up to $1,000 USD)! You can nominate yourself and others as well.

Contest Requirements

You must be an active blogger, on any subject. Active means you’ve been blogging for at least the last two months. Your blog can be hosted anywhere. No Spam or Automated Blogs. If you win, you need to let them post your name and a link to your blog.

How To Enter:

You or someone you know needs to submit your blog via the submission form on the bottom of this page.


1. 1st Prize: 1 year of your cell phone bill on us (Cell Phones . Org) – up to $1000
2. 2nd Prize: Free cell phone of your choosing (does not include plan, just the phone).
3. 3rd Prize: $100 off your your next purchase at Cell Phones .org – this is transferable and never expires.


* Submissions Accepted until February 28th 2009.
* Voting until March 17 2009
* Final Results March 19 2009