This is the new theme demo site at Randa Clay Design.  I am using the Theme Switcher plugin, so you can demo each theme by choosing from the menu to the left.  If you would like to download a theme, go to the page for the theme you would like to download to get the zip file.  Thanks for checking out my themes!

42 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Kim

    Just testing to see what the comments look like.

  2. Gayla McCord

    How do you eliminate the boarder from around the photos that are uploaded but not directly linked to?

    There are some images I’d prefer to look clean and embedded in the background.

    I’m creating a poultry directory for my family to maintain at and I’m using your theme.

  3. Randa Clay

    Thanks for using my theme! When you put the image in the post, add this to the img src in the code tab:


    i.e. img src=”image.jpg” style=”border:0px”

    that will override the style that is applied to it in the style sheet.

  4. Martin

    First thanks for offering these themes – I like them. Some times I would like to ad a caption to the images I upload so they appear in the surrounding box – can I do that?


  5. admin

    @Martin – sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you on this question. Take a look at this page for info on how to do something like a caption:

  6. Miranda

    I like the blue bird theme, and I’m trying it out, but for some reason, windows live writer can’t download it. Any ideas? I’m sure it’s something to to do with the theme, becuase it works just fine with other themes using the same plugins and what not.

    Thanks for sharing your work!

  7. Miranda

    Thanks for you reply. If I figure out the fix, I will put it in a comment here, in case anyone else using the theme would like to use live writer with it. Thanks for listening to my music!

  8. Eddy

    I like these themes. My site doesn’t use wordpress but I’m thinking of converting.

  9. Poultry

    Hello I found your blog via Google while searching for poultry and your post regarding me! at Themes by Randa Clay looks very interesting to me

  10. preabrik ev

    Thank you for sharing themes

  11. Serron

    I think that people should communicate, no matter where they do it – in real life or in Internet.

  12. Anirban

    WordPress has some of the best themes and your collection just proves it again. Great themes and loved each of them. Thanks.

  13. webshop

    Hi Randa, thanks for offering these themes. I am starting today with wordpress and your themes are easy to understand.

  14. Evden Eve Nakliyat

    Thank you for sharing themes

  15. Loskas

    Ah, I didn’t even notice that you can browse them here. :x
    THis will make things a lot easier. Thanks.

  16. Henrik

    Nice themes. Allthough I got a littlebit confused when I browsed your themes :P. But we norwegians arent known to be sharpest knives.

  17. Andreas

    When i googling to look up a good theme for my new japanese website tutorial, my eyes were catched by an image of a blue bird.

    The first impression: it is natural and good eye catching. And also it is support a Japan atmosphere.

    Hmmm, any way may i modify this themes? Like adding a clock script and changing a several widget?

  18. Ross

    Your themes are really great!
    It’s great tool that you can change the theme on the sidebar.

  19. Bursa

    Useful site, and great themes , thanks!

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  21. Kammy

    Your themes prove why WordPress rules! Great work :-)

  22. chris

    Thank you for sharing themes. Awesome!

  23. chris

    Useful site, and awesome themes. Thank-U

  24. Online Buisness

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  26. sunny

    your themes looks so nice,can use it for blogger?

  27. MOin

    oh randy this theme is good i really like the stylesheet and the whole structure i hope you wont mind if i edit this one to death =)
    (ps. ofcourse footer link will be intact)

  28. shawna

    Randa I’m so into the pink and blue bird themes. I love them and I’ve gotten a lot of complements from site visitors! I hope I’ve done it justice. Take care! – Shawna

  29. kithenry

    Nice themes. I Love it. Specially it’s blue. Thanks for sharing. I love your site.

  30. Program download

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  31. evden eve nakliyat

    perfect starting to using.thank you.

  32. Michelle

    Nice overall theme. Three columns is the new way to go it seems. Colour is sober, appealing to the eye to carry on browsing the rest of the site.

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  35. nakliyat

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  37. Ryan

    This is an awesome tool. I found your site the other day via Google looking for good wordpress stuff and I’ve been surfing around checking things out. Keep up the great work and thanks for providing all this!

  38. Yorumcu

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  39. Jane

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  40. Ari

    Wow, you are relly doing a good job! The theme chooser is just wonderful. do you give lesson to make a nice the too?

  41. Build Muscle

    Hey these are really great themes. I love the colors and designs you choose. As a programmer with no creative ability, I will bookmark this site so I can use your themes later.

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